Who Is Eliminated This Week From Big Boss


Big Boss Season 3 The title winner will be revealed in another two weeks. Grand Finale on November 1 This two-week elimination has become crucial in this regard. There were a total of seven contenders in this week’s nominations. The latest news, however, is that a lady will be evicted from the Constant House.


Elimination of this week in Bigboss3

There are now three contestants in the house. They are Srimukhi, Shiva Jyoti and Vithika. So she has to say that there is no chance of elimination. Shivajyotti performs very well with the taskĀ  She also has positivity on her She is not likely to be eliminated. There is a lot of negativity on the rest. In fact, she escaped the nomination last week due to her unique power. Since she is in the house.Even her husband Varun is not playing the game. So it is possible that the fate may be eliminated.

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