Whatsapp Security Features!!!!

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You can keep your personal data more secure

Now A days Everyone knows How To Use Whatsapp it is mandatory app In Every Mobile.Because ‘Facebook’ plays a key role in connecting with everyone in this online world, whatsapp helps our personal life to be with those we love and stay close to. Mobile users, almost everyone can Use whatsapp.

As such, it had to face some inevitable difficulties in the meantime from this WhatsApp. WhatsApp brought a lot of new changes. These three new features for your privacy and security will be very useful to you.

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Previously, the company introduced Touch ID and Face Unlock features to iPhone users and now offers ‘Finger Print Lock’ feature for Android users as well. This is a really nice change. With this, you can only view your WhatsApp messages and data. Without your fingerprint, there is no chance that someone else will open your WhatsApp. To set it on your phone, go to Settings in your WhatsApp and select Account and then Privacy. Next, at the bottom of this Privacy option is the Finger Print Lock option, upon which you have the option Unlock With FingerPrint. When enabled, it will ask you to enter your finger print. When you register your Fingerprint, your account will only open with your Fingerprint.


With the Self -Distracting Message feature, users can select the length of time they want to send messages on WhatsApp and then automatically delete these messages. The blog shows that this feature of WhatsApp is still in its early stages and that some WhatsApp beta users can use it in group chat. To enable this feature, users can do this by going to Group Settings. Currently, WhatsApp offers two options: 5 seconds and 1 hour. Currently this feature is only available in group chat, however, this feature is expected to be used in private chat in the coming time. If you are an Android smartphone user, you need to download version 2.19.175 of WhatsApp beta.


WhatsApp is getting this new feature in the latest Android Beta, which will completely disappear after it arrives. Although this feature appeared in Developing a few months ago, testing of this feature has now begun. With the Muted Status Update feed, all muted status is lost in the WhatsApp status section, and you can’t see the muted status, but it hasn’t arrived yet, with the scrolling at the bottom of the screen to see the muted status update.

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