What is the reason behind the use of this symbol of a snake ?

Nagadevatha story

In Hindu tradition, the snake is considered divine. This is why many temples have been uncovered by measuring the snake as a Nagadevatha. What is it, snake-kundali ? Let us now know what is the meaning behind the use of that symbol of a snake.

Nagadevatha story


In the Yoga tradition, this Kundali is often referred to as the cobra that surrounds it. Kundali means power. That is the power that is inherent and invisible in man. The cobra, however, knows the power of silence at a very high level. When the snake is lying motionless, it is so inert that you cannot detect what is in it. Only when it moves do you notice it. But the snakes that surround these rolls, have no mobility even if they are dormant inside. Why the Kundali refers to the wrapped cobra is so infinite in every person, that it cannot be seen directly, we cannot even imagine the original unless it moves.

In our country there will be no hut without a serpent. The reason is that this culture not only worships snakes but is also a symbol of the awakening of energy within you. Snakes are very privileged. Because they can only sense vibrations they cannot hear. The snakes, however, are attracted to the person who meditates. In our tradition, when the yogis sit together and meditate, there is a serpent near him. If all your energies are at rest, snakes will gravitate toward you.

If you can enlighten Kundali, it opens the door to opportunities that can see higher standards for life. The idols of Lord Shiva, the traditional ritual, show him and the snake. It indicates that his vision is at the highest level. Only when the intensity of energy reaches a level and quantity is the truth realized without any flaw. When we do not, our ritual smells hinder us from examining and understanding reality.

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