Train accident in Kachiguda

Train Accident In Kachiguda. Driver Strucked in Cabin

Rescue team taken out of a train cabin with a gas cutter

MMTS driver who survived .. severe injuries to arms and legs

Chandrashekhar driver of the cabin, was safely evacuated about 8 hours after two trains collided in Kachiguda, Hyderabad. He was rushed to hospital with serious injuries to his arms and legs. Rescue team pulled out of a train cabin with a gas cutter.



Two trains collided at Kachiguda railway station Monday morning. Many passengers were seriously injured in the crash. The Hundri Express running between Kurnool and Secunderabad was hit by an MMS train on the Sem track at Kachiguda station due to a signal failure. Eight bogies of the two trains were flipped. At least 12 people were seriously injured in the crash. MMST train driver Chandrasekhar was trapped in the cabin. The rescue team, which had begun rescue operations after the accident, struggled to pull him out. Cut the cabin with the help of a gas cutter .. Safe for the evening after about 8 hours. The driver of the leg was taken to hospital immediately in an ambulance.

Problem with Signals :

Railway police are investigating the cause of the accident. The accident occurred at the railway station on a single track without looking at the signal. Railway officials say that the accident occurred when MMTS came on the fourth track to come on the second track. Railway police said that there was no railway pilot’s fault in the accident and that the track was changed based on the signal, while the second track signal and the fourth track signal were switched off. He said the liability for the accident would be strictly punished.

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