Tips to Increase Your Internet Connection Speed !!!!

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In our country All Of us are not getting the 4G speed available right now. The 4G network in India is significantly expanded and everyone is leaning towards these services. It is expanding even more rapidly after Jio and Airtel’s 4G expansion. Worryingly, there are still many telecom companies that do not buy 4G networks. In reality, even when we have a 4G network available, it can be difficult to get 4G net speed on our phone.

The main reason for this is the increasing number of smart phones with 4G LTE connectivity. Internet speed is the result of a limited range of spectrum. But, you can use these methods to improve the speed of 4G on your phone.

1. First go to your phone settings – select “4G” via mobile networks and enable it.

2. Check Access Point Name (APN) on your phone. Select the appropriate APN information.

3. Reset your APN by going to your phone settings: Settings – Mobile Network – Click Access Point Names and choose Reset APN to Default.

4. Because your phone may not be the best antenna, many phone manufacturers are using cheap or low quality antennas.

5. The 4G internet speed of your smart phone depends on your usage.

6. Some apps reduce Internet speeds and speed up the phone by taking more data.

7. Disable the Ops Auto Play option that you use to tweak it slightly, thereby reducing your bandwidth usage and reducing unwanted data.

8. Doing so will change your 4G speed from 5Mbps to 10Mbps.

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