This virus is more dangerous than the corona, Scientist Warning….!!!!

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This virus is more dangerous than the corona, half the world’s population will die, Scientist Warning :

The world lives in fear of the corona virus, now American scientist and nutritionist Dr. Michael Gregor has dropped another bomb.He said that the worst virus (such as bird flu) of the coronavirus virus could be shaking the world. About half of the world’s population will be lost due to the flu.Dr.Michael Gregor has written a new book, How to Survive a Pandemic.This explains the benefits of vegetarianism.There is a wide variety of diseases caused by animal flesh. He argues that raising animals, hunting for them, and eating meat is endangering our homeland.

Most viruses that spread from animal to human are no harm. But certain types of viruses, such as tuberculosis and saris, are rapidly increasing. In fact they warned that they could become very dangerous. In his book, he said that the risk of spreading the virus, especially chicken,was high.

The risk of the virus in chicken is high :

Poultry farming is a big part of today’s livestock farming. Chicken eggs are now widely consumed in almost all countries. What’s more worrying is that the chickens are being cruelly kept in cages. They are given foods that contain chemicals. Dr. Michael Gregor believes that this is why the chicken is at high risk of contracting the virus. The greater the number, the more cruel we make chicken. It’s like inviting the pandemic.

The Spanish Bird Flu is the Dangerous Flu in history:

Avian in fluenza is now known as the Spanish bird flu.Between 1918 and 1920 one third of the world’s population was infected.10% of all deaths were due to this.It has been recorded as the worst epidemic in history. In 1997, a new species of bird flu called H5N1, which emerged at the bird market in Hong Kong, caused severe devastation in the country.

The new H5N1 is more dangerous:

Experts say the new H5N1 is even more dangerous. It warned that more deaths would result, and would be dangerous to the entire human race. H5N1 affects lungs. But its new virus also affects other parts of the body. It turns out to be ten times faster than the previous one. It could be even more dangerous than the 1918 pandemic.The mortality rate is 50 percent. Therefore, experts say it is dangerous for half the population of the entire world.  Dr. Gregor says the coronavirus has been infected by animal meat in the Wuhan Meat Market in China and has entered the human body.  However, many experts say that the chicken is not affected by the corona.  It is said that the virus from the chicken is very dangerous and half of the world’s population is lost.This is true.Telangana people are holding their heads.Actually people are spending sleepless nights in fear of corona. They have never seen such a pandemic in life. A thousand eyes are waiting for when to be liberated from this corona. Under these circumstances,the human race is more threatened with the Danger virus than the corona virus, and it is even more alarming to say that half of the world’s population is lost.

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