The Young Women Fell Under The Metro Train

young women accidents mobile using accidents

Smart phone. For most people it’s part of the body! When you start sleeping, when you eat, when you walk, when you sleep. More than a wife / husband. Finally there is a cell in the bathroom Addicts are young people. The phone is pinched to the face ..we are unconcious what is going on Some of the people sacrifice their life.

So the phone rang and a young woman fell off the rails at the metro station. The survivor was safe as no train arrived at the time.

The event took place at the Madrid City Metro Station in Spain. A woman at Setreko station waits for the train. The face of the phone in the next gap in the train.. busy. The screen looked up and stepped forward. Unable to figure out that the platform is finally gone.once bored. The train stopped just a few feet away.

What a difference it would make if the train crashed on her fallen track .. Luckily escaped with minor injuries. Video of the incident (CC camera footage) is now going viral on the internet. Fortunately, some people have commented on Twitter about how people are so stupid.

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