The Temple That Is Only Open On Diwali????

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There are so many ancient temples in our country.
It is a well  known fact that every ancient temple has some glory  The temple is said to be a temple of divine existence.
Another interesting thing is that this temple is only opened on Diwali day of the year. Let us now know what is the name of the miracle that gives the devotees a vision on Diwali.
Hasanamba Temple is located in Hassan, Karnataka State. It is said to have been built in 1250. The temple receives worship of the Goddess Hasanamba.However, the temple is only open on Diwali and is worshiped by the devotees.
The temple will be closed for the year and reopened early in the morning on Diwali
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Hasanamba Temple Today (Diwali)

The surprising thing here is that the lights of the goddess lit up in the garbagudi at midnight on Diwali day and again till the day of Diwali.
Surprise is that ghee or oil in the sanctum lamp may help to light up for three or four days.But how the lights are lit all year round is a bit of a mystery.
People believe that these  goddess show good compassion for the good and punish the bad-tempered.
However, the temple legend states that the girl who oppressed her godly girl had turned her mother-in-law into a rock.
The mother-in-law who turned it into a rock is now in the temple.
Another mystery thing is that the rock is getting closer to the goddess every year.
An old man says that the stone will reach the feet of the goddess until the end of the Kaliyuga.

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