The Sea Goddess Discovered by a Russian Scientist

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Our myths say that there are over 75 billion living things in the world we live in. But what we see is only hundreds.

Along with invisible microcosms,thousands of billions of living organisms alive in the sea.
Rare creatures appear occasionally in them. They are also found in the vast majority of oceans.

Recently, such a rare creature was discovered by a scientist studying Russian sea creatures.  A scientist named Alexander Semenov specializes in spinal cord biology.  He is the leader of a group of White Sea Biological Station divers from Moscow State University. Semenov, a professional photographer who has been researching under adverse conditions in the oceans, has been photographing marine creatures.The creature, who is described as a sea god, was photographed with the highest quality.

He shared the photos through his Facebook account. However, Semenov notes that little is known about their life cycle.


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