Rajugaari Gadhi 3 Movie Review

Omkar’s latest film, Rajagari Gadhi 3, is a television host and director. The first two films in the series were a good success .. The third part was expected to be a good craze but .. because it couldn’t grab the expected level of attention. With the film set to be a comedy horror thriller, let’s see if Omkar gets his much-needed success .. !!

Story: Rowdy auto driver Ashwin (Ashwin Babu) lives carelessly. Because of his behavior, the colony is very troubled. Anyway, to get rid of Ashwin’s affliction, they fall in love with Maya (Avika Gore), who lives in the same colony. Because Maya has a strange past. If someone proposes to her because of that past, a ghost comes and kills them. Why that happens is understandable to anyone but the subject.

So, after Ashwin proposes, the devil follows him. How did Ashwin escape the clutches of the ghost? Is the story of the Film

rajugaari gadhi 3 movie review

Actor’s performance: Ashwin Babu has become a bit more developed compared to the first three films. He impressed the audience in terms of performance rather than looks. There seems to be little overlap but it suits Jonar.

Avika Gore Character Good. Her characterization does not mean Clarity. Logically, too, silly. If logics are not necessary .. The scenes in first half are very boring.

Ali and Dhanraj’s comedy makes the audience feel relaxed. They are also the main plus point for the film.

Technical Performance: Shabir’s songs weren’t that impressive. The background score is sometimes too loud. The score for the horror episodes is good. Kenayudu lots of good cinematography. Never mind production values.

The comedian Shankar’s comedy is hilarious in the rajugaari gadhi 1. In the second part, Vennela Kishore seems to be little. In the third part, the lack of a comedy was very noticeable. Especially when the audience is searched to find out where the original story is in First half .. The twist in the second half is revealed when the movie ends. The story is inspired by the Tamil film “Dillukku Duddu 2” .. “Rajagari Gadhi 3 could not mix that entertainment. Also .. First half too much stretched. There is fun in the second half but .. no story. So even though the comedy of Ali and Dhanraj is good .. due to the stretch narrative, the comedy can not be properly entertained.

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