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The Temple That Is Only Open On Diwali????

There are so many ancient temples in our country. It is a well  known fact that every ancient temple has some glory  The temple is said to be a temple

Why Diwali Is Celebrated as a festival The Great Festivals In India Most Desirable festivals in India Narakasura vadha Diwali Story Diwali History Ramayana Dwaparayugam

Why Diwali Is Celebrated In India?

Indian festivals are a reflection of Indian culture. Diwali is a festival which celebrates the unity of ethnic, caste, religious and ethnic differences with joy and excitement. The consciousness of

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Khaidi Movie Review

Khaidi Movie Review : Karthi is the title character of different films.  The film, which ended in just 36 nights, shocked Anthony.  Directed by Lokesh under the direction of “Mahanagaram”

Brazil Updates South America News Recently South America presidant said that don't need to visa to come to brazil for indians

Indians do not need a visa to go to Brazil

Visa is required for travel abroad. Brazil, however, is not needed. It also provided the Indians with an opportunity. Brazilian President Ger Bolzonaro on his visit to China .. They

How to Increase Internet Speed in Mobile

Increase 4G internet speed on your phone? If the world is on the up and coming 5G, most people in the country are not getting the 4G speed available right

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Get Great Deals On These Smart Phones From Maha Cash Back on Paytm Mall

Paytm Mall has announced offers and deals on some smart phones from Great Cash Back. Here are the top 5 smartphone deals that you can buy today with great cashback

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Kajal Agarwal Turns Into 70 years Old women

Kajal Recently stepped in 34 years old. Do you think she is 70? Though hard to believe, Kajal is now 70 years old. That’s because her latest movie, “Bhaarathiyudu 2”.

Bandi Sanjay Fires On KCR

Rather Than Being Born as a Human Being. Born as a Dog In Pragati Bhavan •KCR the totalitarian tendency of RTC workers to commit suicide. •Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Fire

Tallest battle field in india now wellcome to tourists

The Tallest Battle Field In The World-Siachen Well come to Tourists

The tallest battlefield in the world. A place where our soldiers are constantly gazing at the snow-capped mountains. Temperatures are expected to drop from minus 18 to minus 60 degrees.

bahubali in london today

Rajamouli was in panchakattu-scarf.

Rajamouli, who made history at the Baahubali Special Show in London, was the first Indian film to be screened in 148 years of history. Also, some Chinese who met Rajamouli