Netizens Fires On Hitman Rohith Sharma

Rohith sharma played by audience in the internet

Diwali Tweet .. Rohith Sharma Criticized By Netizens…!!!!

MUMBAI: The Sunday Diwali celebrations across India have hit to sky. Every House lamp is lit to symbolize the achievement of good over evil. However, a tweet by Team India opener Rohit Sharma during the festival left him trapped. Air pollution .. There is talk of celebrating the Diwali festival without the attention of the street dogs. However, there are also differences of opinion. While some support it, others oppose that you will only notice pollution during Diwali.

But Rohit Sharma’s latest tweet has been criticized. Rohit said in a tweet that the street dogs are very scared after the Diwali day. Diwali wishes to my fellow Indians. I wish this Diwali shed more light on your life. Let the lights be lit for this Diwali. Let’s take a look at these innocent creatures before shooting crackers. Rohit shared a dog scare video.

Criticism of this. Rohit tweeted in 2010 that he was enjoying Diwali. This time the dog is given special training ?? New Year then Dog Buds ??

1.If India wins the match .. Who will burn more crackers than Diwali? But, This Thoughts will come only on Diwali?

2.You enjoy these crackers  five months ago ??  Do YouRemember

3.You don’t play IPL. More and more Crackers are shot in the event.

4.Do give this advice to the BCCI.But Not For Us

Netizens are playing with Rohit sharma on the social media. Not playing As a hypocrites .. They are commenting. Team India will now face Bangladesh after the successful South Africa series. Virat Kohli rested for three T-20s.

netizens are fires on rohith sharma

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