Meeku Matrame Cheptha Movie Review

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Actor Vijay Devarakonda has established himself as a star hero in Tollywood. Vijay, who grew up to be a Tollywood star hero with films like Pelli Chupulu, Arjun Reddy, Geetha Govindam, etc .. Introducing director Tarun Bhaskar as the hero who gave him a good break with the film. With the film, Tarun Bhaskar shifts from the director’s role to the hero’s role. Kannada actress Vanibhojan plays the heroine opposite him. Vijay’s becoming a producer and the rise of Tarun’s hero has naturally created a good hype in the film. Does the movie impress you as expected? Vijay and Tarun pair with Sensation in Tollywood. Did the two repeat that magic with the now-turned rolls?

Meeku Matrame Cheptha movie review

The story: Rakesh (Tarun Bhaskar) and Kamesh (Abhinav Gomatam) are the Close Friends. Both work on a TV channel. Rakesh and Kamesh both love doctors. His Lover Steffy suspects that Rakesh is lying in everything. Rakesh prepares to marry Steffy by convincing his lips. A video of Rakesh’s phone comes two days before the wedding. The video is about a honeymoon with a girl. If someone uploaded this video on social media before the wedding, Rakesh is seriously tense about where his wedding will end. On the other hand, Bawa Johnson, who loves Steffy, is trying to stop the wedding. Steffy suspects that Rakesh is lying about everything else. Where is this original video? Did Rakesh really spend time with a young woman? What did Rakesh and Kamesh do to delete the video? Who is King Hacker? How did Rakesh’s wedding finally happen? Kamesh is only telling you that this is the next story of who the original is.

People’s personal matters leaky on social media .. We have seen many atrocities. This is a similar story, but director Sammeer, who is just a comedic entertainer, has turned the story around. Even though the chosen point is new .. The director seems to be focusing on making a comedy entertainer with no twists and turns. Interestingly, the director became a bit of a comedy entertainer when his personal video phone came out just two days before the wedding. First half is going to make the audience laugh with comedy. However, the lack of comedy in the second half, as well as the lack of introspection of the screenplay, can lead to feeling stretched. For the first time, the hero, Tarun Bhaskar, is a plus for his performance. Tarun naturally acted in many scenes. Abhinav once again entertained Tarun’s friend Kamesh. In his own style, he smiled at the film. Anasuya has played a key role as hacker Papa’s older sister. Though the songs are not very impressive .. Background music elevates the film. Vani Bhojan, Pawani Gangi Reddy and Naveen George Thomas have done justice to their roles. Vijay Deverakonda entertained you in a song that only tells you how late the film is coming. Overall, Vijay and Tarun have changed their rolls and made new rolls with this film.

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