Latest Shocking News About Corona

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Another shocking news about Corona:


Everything thought that the coronavirus had not been infected so far could be detected by symptoms. But the fact that the corona virus spreads without any symptoms has come to light. Scientists and doctors were shocked. Fell in anxiety. Some of the symptoms can be known as coronavirus infection or not. The virus first causes colds and then sneezing, rashes, colds, fever, headache. This can lead to pneumonia, which can reach the lungs without stopping. So far the corona virus symptoms have been revealed in 14 days. But now medical experts warn that the time has come for the virus to emerge.

Generally, if the virus is present in the body, infection symptoms should be given within 14 days. But some do not show any virus targets after 26-28 days. Some of the people who returned to the country from abroad had coronary tests and some of them did not show any viral symptoms. However, it is shocking that most of them are positive after 28 days.
Symptoms appear after 10 to 18 days, and some patients find it difficult to recover after seventeen to a month. It also points to an increase in the number of cases in more states. Doctors advise that sufferers who are no longer in isolation should undergo a three-pronged test, as the symptoms may take longer for the virus to emerge. Once diagnosed with the virus, it is possible to get out after 28 days. Therefore, people with coronal symptoms are warned that the 14-day quarantine period will not go away for up to 28 days or there is a risk of serious threats.


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