Khaidi Movie Review

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Khaidi Movie Review :

Karthi is the title character of different films.  The film, which ended in just 36 nights, shocked Anthony.  Directed by Lokesh under the direction of “Mahanagaram” fame, the film has no heroine opposite Karthi and the film’s story ends in a single night.  And let’s see how this different zoner film impressed the audience .. !!

Story: Khaidi / Dilly (Karthi) experiences life imprisonment.  Due to goodwill, he is released on parole to see his daughter.  Dilli is embroiled in a police & drug mafia confrontation in the middle of leaving for a meeting with her daughter.  At first he wants to see his daughter after 10 years.  Of the 30 gangs, Delhi alone survived a police officer’s rescue.  Is a “khaidi” storyline.

Actors Performance: Villains are usually made worse for elevating heroes in cinema.  Every once in a while we share heroines too with characterizations or humor by our filmmakers.  “Khaidi” may be the first film to honor villain characters.  A side hero must be victorious.  As far as I know, I only feel for the role of Thanos in the movie “Avengers”.  Kadu was later credited with a villainous role in the film Prisoner.  Not just villainous characters .. Supporting rolls are also very effective.  There is no mention of any scene in the movie, but the feeling of losing the film is.

Karthi’s career has been very good but Karthi’s full potential as an actor is movies like “Paruthiveeran” (“Malligadu” in Telugu, Naa Peru is Siva, Madras, Khaki.  Director Lokesh has taken a look at actor Karthi’s plus points as an actor.  Director grab hero karthi and utilized in a correct way. Emotional Scenes & McCarthy in action blocks, acting, gestures to the audience’s eyes away from the screen while tappukokunda. Do not check the phone, however, it’s only a very small number of films. Such films “Khaidi”.

Technical Performance: Music Director Sam CS Career Best Algebraic Work.  The action scenes are so natural that Sam’s algebra still adds a certain elevation to it.  Satyam Suriyan cinematography is another important reason for this.  Sathyan portrays the fight sequences in the sand quarry in the light of a lorry & some car lights.  In the dark, the lighting of the lights in the light of the plan to burn the granite, but the elevation is .. congratulations.  Production values ​​are off.  They did just how much it cost to make a movie.

Director Lokesh proved his talent with his first film ‘Mahanagaram’ .. Telugu audience and reviewers were not impressed.  But .. “Khaidi” only managed to get universal appeal.  The heroine, even without songs, proves that commercial film can be made.  The greatest thing he did was to use every little character in the narrative.  The feeling of watching a 120 minute non-stop Hollywood action film “Prisoner” lasts a while.  Interval makes Black Audience more intriguing.Climax gives scope for better sequel. Film making Procedure is a film that changes, changes and needs to change.  Regular commercial cinema .. Occasionally such films should come.  Otherwise .. we are in the same rudder stereotype.  If you like this kind of movies in Telugu in the future.

Analysis: Action movie lovers must watch movie “Khaidi”. This is an answer for viewers who are looking forward to seeing movies like “Diehard” coming out in Hollywood in a thematic format and why there are no such films in Telugu.  karthi’s career best work & excellent cinematic thrilling experience has seen “Khaidi” twice but nothing wrong.


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