KCR Take a Strong Decision on RTC

KCR Take A strong Decission On RTC

The stalemate on the RTC strike is still ongoing. The talks between leaders and officials of the RTC trade unions on Saturday failed after a high court order. Both sides claim that it is you who caused the negotiations to fail. In this backdrop, the leaders of RTC JAC signed a letter to company MD on Sunday. However, the government has decided to grant permits to private vehicles on 3 to 4 thousand routes in the state to permanently overcome the inconvenience caused to the people by frequent strikes by the RTC trade unions.

Reliable information that the Cabinet could convene within two to three days. Since the unions have taken the issue of the RTC to the courts, it is likely to take a long time to settle. This will cause more discomfort to the people. Thinking about alternatives. The new Center Motor Vehicle (Amendment Act) -1919 gives state governments the authority to issue permits to private vehicles. The Act came into force on September 1, 2019. The government has decided to grant permits to private vehicles on 3 to 4 thousand routes to provide better transportation to the public through the powers vested by the Act.

Giving permits to private vehicles allows them to run more trips on their assigned routes for income. Most of the time vehicles are made available for public transport without the shuffle of shifts. The government hopes to have more transportation available.

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