Free Busses In Delhi

There is no ticket for women delhi free bus services for women

The good news for women, There is no ticket for the woman on the buses, yet free Journey, hurry.

The Kejriwal government has taken another sensational decision to take various measures to prevent pollution in the nation’s capital. The car parking fee was increased by a thousand rupees. It was originally planned to be implemented in the Connaught Place area, which has a permanent window with vehicles. Officials said the decision was taken by the government to prevent private vehicles from hitting the roads. However, the free ride scheme introduced by the Kejriwal government for women in the nation’s capital came into effect from today. The AAP government has issued a notification that Delhi women can no longer travel in DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) and cluster buses. The government has said that women can travel for free on DTC and cluster buses based on the single journey free travel pass issued by conductors in buses. Delhi women are happy with Kejriwal’s decision.

Delhi weomen are very happy for kejrival decission

On Monday, Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal announced that over 13,000 marshals have been appointed to provide more protection to women in the buses that move in Delhi. Women and young women can travel in buses as safe as their home, said the CM. Kejriwal said that the city of Delhi is like a big family and that the family is the eldest son and that it is the responsibility of the mothers and grandmothers to protect them.

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