Crazy Lady In Airport

overweight luggage young women idea viral in airport

Passengers on the flight have a limit on the weight of the carrying case.  Overweight when going to foreign, it is not yet clear what items to take.

This is the problem that many of our young people who study abroad. But this time Idea super for a young woman whose spot is on  Her routine work at the airport to circumvent luggage overweight charges is now going viral on the internet.

Friends and Relatives dressed in two and a half kg, the team will see what happens when the team is overweight.  Filipina young woman gel Rodriguez is a professional nurse ..

When she went to check in at the airport, she said her suit case weighed 9 kg.  There is no need to stay beyond 7 kg and if so, extra luggage charge.  Suppose you are paying two kilos more.  Open the suit case without any clutter.  Two and a half kg dresses gel.

So ended the journey with a jumbo dress.

Thousands of Likes.Shares so taken with a jumbo dress she posted on her Facebook.  He also wrote and shared his Idea.  All rights reserved.  A thousand comments, 35 thousand likes and 21 thousand shares are going viral.  Super Idea some, it is free of charge, while others comment.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Lady In Airport”

  1. Adithya says:

    It seems a good idea

    1. says:

      yeah…sometimes think smart

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