CM KCR Said That Stop The Strike

People have no problem: KCR
90% of buses are running
The vast majority of workers do not like to strike
I have an intelligence report
Strong arguments should be heard in court
CM command to the authorities

Not a full-blown MD!

The state government is of the opinion that RTC does not currently need a full MD. Transport Secretary Sunil Sharma is now acting as the RTC MD and has said that there is no difficulty in making policy decisions. They say they will explain the same to the court. The MD and the secretary say that if there is a difference, there will be delay in making policy decisions.

CM KCR has made it clear that there is no step in the strike. He is of the opinion that the workers should stop their strike and then negotiate. CM KCR reviewed the consequences of the RTC strike and alternative arrangements at the camp office on Thursday. He was on his way to the Huzoor Nagar Election Campaign, which was canceled due to a review of the strike. Minister Puvvada Ajay, Transport Secretary Sunil Sharma and other dignitaries were also present. The points mentioned by the CM in the review are as follows: The CM had directed the high-level government to take strong arguments on the issue of the strike on Friday. They were told that the strike would not cause any trouble to the people and that 90 per cent of the buses were rotating. Majority of the buses in the rural areas said to be successful.

The CM said that the opposition came against the workers. He said that the vast majority of workers did not like to strike and that the intelligence report was on him. Reports collected by intelligence sources said that the workers were a symbol of union leaders. It was made clear that there were no reforms in the RTC. A senior official said that CMC was serious about deciding whether to set up private buses at 20 per cent, 30 per cent for hire buses and 50 per cent for RTC buses.


RTC Strike KCR On Fire

Lok Sabha election campaign k.kesavaravu¬† Huzurnagar to accompany him, the Chief Minister Mohammed Ali, when they came to pragatibhavan. However, after the dissolution of the House, Mahmoud Ali stayed there for a while. K.k stayed for three hours. He was involved in the KCR’s review of the strike.

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