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Chicken Rates in india paper rates chicken chicken paper rate today is chicken is danger eating chicken is dangerous to health is eating chicken can cause constipation chicken is good for health and body chicken can get fats into our body

This virus is more dangerous than the corona, Scientist Warning….!!!!

This virus is more dangerous than the corona, half the world’s population will die, Scientist Warning : The world lives in fear of the corona virus, now American scientist and

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The Sea Goddess Discovered by a Russian Scientist

Our myths say that there are over 75 billion living things in the world we live in. But what we see is only hundreds. Along with invisible microcosms,thousands of billions

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Latest Shocking News About Corona

Another shocking news about Corona:   Everything thought that the coronavirus had not been infected so far could be detected by symptoms. But the fact that the corona virus spreads

Train accident in Kachiguda

Train Accident In Kachiguda. Driver Strucked in Cabin Rescue team taken out of a train cabin with a gas cutter MMTS driver who survived .. severe injuries to arms and

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Vemulawada Rajanna Temple- 60 Lakh Rupees Old Notes In Hundi

60 Lakh Rupees Old Notes InĀ  Vemulawada Rajanna Hundi   Banned banknotes still found in Vemulavada Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy Hundi. It has been three years since the central government cancelled

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Whatsapp Security Features!!!!

You can keep your personal data more secure Now A days Everyone knows How To Use Whatsapp it is mandatory app In Every Mobile.Because ‘Facebook’ plays a key role in

young women accidents mobile using accidents

The Young Women Fell Under The Metro Train

Smart phone. For most people it’s part of the body! When you start sleeping, when you eat, when you walk, when you sleep. More than a wife / husband. Finally

Rohith sharma played by audience in the internet

Netizens Fires On Hitman Rohith Sharma

Diwali Tweet .. Rohith Sharma Criticized By Netizens…!!!! MUMBAI: The Sunday Diwali celebrations across India have hit to sky. Every House lamp is lit to symbolize the achievement of good

Amazon did a mistake lost crores

Amazon mistakenly sells

Amazon Did a Small Mistake,and Lost crores of Amount London: A small mistake made by popular e-commerce site Amazon has become a boon for students.Amazon has announced an offer to

lascar-e-list celebraties virat kohli narendra modi terrorist attack in india in world

Terrorist Attack In India

Modi is the first name on the terrorists list and the last name is Kohli Intelligence sources expect the army to retaliate by killing the militants by targeting the Lashkar-e-list