Amazon mistakenly sells

Amazon did a mistake lost crores

Amazon Did a Small Mistake,and Lost crores of Amount

London: A small mistake made by popular e-commerce site Amazon has become a boon for students.Amazon has announced an offer to impress students in Britain. A minor mistake has caused a loss of billions of rupees. Students studying in the UK will get a discount of about Rs 450 if they buy any item through Amazon and enter the coupon code called Well come 5m. If you buy a different item, you can get it for free without spending a penny. However, Amazon said the code only works once. The students made the first transaction and bought the goods they needed for free.

However, some students had fun entering the coupon code a second time and the website took off. This he bought once again. Students from all over the UK were erupting after the note. Hundreds of orders have been made from the same account and purchased items of choice. Students continued to place orders from morning to evening. Toothpaste is one of the top selling lists at some point after their blow, and it is understandable how many people are taking advantage of this offer. A student living in a flat near the college used to make this offer. Students can understand how Amazon used to make the mistake of having multiple college hostels delivering goods from morning to night without a matter of minutes.

Even though hundreds of orders are coming from the same account, Amazon is still unable to detect the mistake in 10 days. From October 15th to Thursday last year, the students received a few hundred items for free. Realizing the mistake lately, Amazon promptly corrected the mistake. The damage has already been done. Lost billions of rupees. Students respond in kind to the Amazon mistake. This is not a big loss for the giant companies like Amazon. Students who receive free items say that Amazon has earned a special place in their minds through this offer code.

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